Read about what senior business leaders say about Asturias Consulting Ltd founder André van Regenmortel.

"André is an exceptional talent. With a solid background as a former McKinsey consultant, André possesses the deep business understanding and empathy that comes from more than a decade of corporate experience. His breadth of know-how in consumer goods, retail, and professional services enables André to hit the ground running and add value in any new assignment. He has the unique capability to draw on disciplined fact-based analysis, wisdom from a very solid business experience combined with a high level of creativity and a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend André for any business challenge."

Peter Kreutzner — General Manager Hero Canada

"Whereas at first André's analytical skills impress most, it is his project management capability that sets him apart. While he is comfortable managing complex projects independently, he never loses sight of stakeholder management. Thus André avoids that sound advice would not get traction due to insufficient buy-in."

Marco van Kalleveen — Senior Vice President Bain Capital UK

"André is one of the few strategy consultants who really understand marketing. Other than many experienced marketing directors, who often default to "what worked before", he continues to think and challenge. André does not "go local": he strives for global quality standards even in emerging markets, by motivating teams and agencies to take the extra step that will create the winning result."

Rich Pham — General Manager Danone Vietnam

"One of my major concerns when choosing a consultant is whether they can deliver realistic and actionable recommendations. André has been a senior executive for years and has experienced the challenge of managing a complex operation first hand. He understands the difficulties of leading a change management process. This ensures that his recommendations although creative, thorough, and detailed, are actually implementable. He does not stop at the WHAT stage but spends extensive attention to the HOW, by really listening to the team, understanding the unique complexities of the organization, and tailoring his recommendations to the business situation. Not just a predictable textbook solution; new perspectives and real life practical applications."

Randy Guttery — CEO Reliance Markets India

"André is a passionate and very all-round marketer. His broad experience in FMCG and retail marketing enables him to cross-fertilize insights between both. He is equally at home in quantitative topics — like market entry, as in qualitative topics — like uncovering deep customer needs. His versatility allows him to create substantial value in a wide range of areas."

Uwe Hoelzer — President METRO Cash & Carry China

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