How can Asturias Consulting Ltd help your Consumer Products, Retail or Business Services company? Each Asturias Consulting Ltd support area reflects actual past projects of its founder André van Regenmortel, which means that we offer proven successful experience in each strategy area. This allows Asturias Consulting Ltd to add value from day one on each assignment, by not wasting time in "reinventing the wheel":

(Emerging) Market Entry

Most mid-size companies are still largely dependent on their home market. Internationalization — if any — is often modest in turnover share and limited to a few neighboring countries. Yet your shareholders want absolute cash-flow growth, and new (emerging) markets are most likely to provide this through population and GDP per capita growth.

Successful international expansion is formidable in scope and complexity. Few companies are set-up to tackle this on their own. Asturias Consulting Ltd can support your business through e.g.:

  • Analyzing the most attractive countries, regions and cities (e.g. market size & growth, consumer readiness, competitive intensity, supplier infrastructure, government support)
  • Assessing the most suitable local partners (e.g. size, professionalism, connections, risk)
  • Developing a realistic business plan (e.g. objectives, strategies, milestones, investments, revenues, profit), including an exit plan to limit your exposure in case of a withdrawal
  • Overall project management incl. key stakeholder communication

Please click to view an article discussing the why, where and how of emerging market entry.

(Emerging Market) Growth Acceleration

No matter how well one prepares for — and funds — a(n emerging) market entry, results are often underwhelming. Demand may be smaller than anticipated, competition (incl. retaliation and copying) more fierce, suppliers less professional, customers less trustworthy, your partner less well connected, and authorities (e.g. permits, level playing field) less supportive.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can support your businesses to accelerate sales and profit growth through e.g.:

  • Analyzing the results vs. market, competition and business plan, as well as feasibility of business plan
  • Identifying and evaluating key sales and profit drivers, and building scenarios based on these drivers, such as further growth within current regional footprint vs. regional expansion, current brand and product portfolio vs. new range and product introductions, exit scenario, etc.
  • Developing a realistic new business plan (e.g. objectives, strategies, milestones, investments, revenues, profit)
  • Overall project management incl. key stakeholder communication

Strategic Planning

Many companies have 3 - 5 year strategy, and annual planning processes, which are often seen as a burden rather than an opportunity to revamp and solidify the strategy, e.g.:

  • The historically defined strategy is merely updated rather than fundamentally reviewed
  • Misalignment between strategy and plan, as they are managed as two distinct rather than one integrated process
  • Workload is seen as excessive, leading to "auto-pilot template filling"
  • Focus is primarily on financials, at the neglect of other functions

Asturias Consulting Ltd can assist your business to design, and support the execution of, a strategy and planning process which:

  • Inspires a fresh look at — and innovation of — current strategies
  • Ensures seamless integration of multi-year strategy and one year planning cycles
  • Optimizes workload with a focus on content rather than process
  • Ensures strong and balanced contributions from all commercial and support functions

M&A and Valuation

Mergers & acquisitions only appear on most companies' agenda occasionally. Hence it is unlikely that your business would have all the required resources and knowledge in house, or even if you would, you would not be able to liberate these from their important day to day tasks.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can support your business during a challenging M&A journey through e.g.:

  • Developing a detailed and neutral cash-flow model to complement the (often biased) multiple valuation model of investment banks
  • Identifying integration synergies and restructuring costs
  • Developing a post-merger integration plan
  • Overall project management incl. key stakeholder communication


Most companies — no matter how successful in the past — will face the need for a fundamental business turnaround at some stage. These situations are highly complex and often emotional with different stakeholders questioning the need for, and the direction of, a reorientation.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can support your business through e.g.:

  • Diagnosing the performance of your company vs. the market and relevant competition
  • Assessing the total potential / quantifying objectives for performance improvement
  • Identifying "no regret" actions for immediate roll-out and designing pilots to test more fundamental initiatives, including monitoring plan
  • Overall project management incl. key stakeholder communication

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