How can Asturias Consulting Ltd help your Consumer Products, Retail or Business Services company? Each Asturias Consulting Ltd support area reflects actual past projects of its founder André van Regenmortel, which means that we offer proven successful experience in each marketing area. This allows Asturias Consulting Ltd to add value from day one on each assignment, by not wasting time in "reinventing the wheel":

Interim CMO

Country Chief Marketing Officer (CMO; or Marketing Director or VP Marketing) roles are critical in any country management team. When the CMO role becomes vacant, a search for a successor often takes 6 months or more. During this period the marketing function is under-led and diminished customer orientation compromises key management decisions and business results.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can quickly fill the void till the onboarding of the permanent CMO, and thus ensure that:

  • Customer orientation and hence business results do not suffer
  • Key marketing projects continue to have traction and momentum
  • Key new initiatives are being properly launched
  • Morale of the marketing team does not deteriorate

Asturias Consulting Ltd has special expertise in managing marketing teams in emerging markets. Please click to view an article discussing the challenges facing CMOs there. Read a general discussion about the merits of Interim Management.

Branding, Advertising and Packaging


Branding topics are among the most disputed ones in any company. The wrongful perception that branding is solely creative and subjective leads to neglect of analysis and facts. This often results in too large brand portfolios, with many brands suffering from unclear positioning and inadequate support.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can support through e.g.:

  • Developing an over-arching brand framework with a limited number of brand footprints (positioning)
  • Allocating all brands to these footprints, highlighting commonality and hence boosting best practice sharing
  • Developing brand P&Ls to identify marginal brands
  • Brand rationalization proposal by market based on overlapping positioning (same brand footprint) and/or marginal financials


Advertising — and especially TVC development and airing — is both loved for its creativity and loathed for its costliness and questionable impact. Selecting the right agency — and more importantly — developing the right communication brief, are prerequisites for creating positive impact.

Asturias Consulting Ltd has deep expertise in advertising development, and can support your business through e.g.:

  • Designing optimal communication briefs (structure and content)
  • Detailed involvement in all stages and iterations of the ad development through close advertising agency management
  • Testing the ad for impact and improvement suggestions
  • Designing an optimal media plan in close cooperation with the media agency


The most important consumer touch point often gets the least attention, or alternatively, is expected to communicate a myriad of things. This leads to cluttered packaging with little or an undesirable stand-out at point of sale. Other than advertising, packaging is often left to individual country organizations, leading to weak executions and wasteful spend.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can support your business through e.g.:

  • Developing and getting alignment from all markets behind one packaging brief
  • Detailed involvement in all stages and iterations of the packaging development through close agency management
  • Testing the packaging for impact and improvement suggestions
  • Developing a new packaging roll-out plan per country

New Product Introduction

The successful development and launch of a new category or product range is a key factor in securing future sales and profit. At the same time, new product development is the most complex and most cross-functional of all company processes. Investments required — both in manufacturing, marketing and sales — can ill-afford a failure. Yet the majority of newly launched products generates underwhelming results.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can greatly increase the likelihood of success through e.g.:

  • Assessing the market potential for the most promising category and product innovations, with detailed market modeling of the shortlisted product idea
  • Developing and getting alignment behind detailed product specifications of the selected innovation
  • Supporting product development and ensuring that initially defined specifications are compromised as little as possible
  • Designing a comprehensive go-to-market approach incl. positioning, advertising and trade marketing plan


Pricing is the quickest way to make — and unfortunately loose — money. In today's transparent online world, price image is increasingly correlated with actual price positioning. Few marketing teams apply the analytical rigor required to optimize pricing.

Asturias Consulting Ltd can support your business to grow sales and profit through pricing, e.g. (retailer example):

  • Limiting price investments to categories and SKUs with high price awareness and sensitivity only
  • Optimizing the number of promotional SKUs (often too high) and discount percentage (often too low)
  • Developing a discount program where selected consumers can earn discounts based on total basket level
  • Designing more aggressive in-store and out-of-store price communication

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