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Emerging Market Entry: A Necessary Good

Most mid-size companies are still largely dependent on their home market. Internationalization—if any—is often modest in turnover share and limited to a few neighboring countries. This article is an enthusiastic but realistic plea for international expansion. It subsequently looks at the Why, Where and How of emerging market entry and provides many helpful tips based on real-life examples.

The Challenges of Emerging Market CMOs

Country Chief Marketing Officer roles are demanding as it is. Diminishing consumer loyalty, intensifying competition, proliferation of channels and shrinking marketing budgets make maintaining once market share already quite a feat. But emerging market CMO roles come with a myriad of additional difficulties. This article examines some of the key ones and gives concrete guidance to the western / expatriate CMO.

Interim Management

Picture the following scenario. Your most critical management team member goes on maternity leave, and you worry how key projects can remain on track. Or your list with strategic priorities stays evergreen, as everyone is just too busy with day to day tasks. An irrevocable fact of business life? Not necessarily.

Retailer Management

Picture the following scenario. A country unit of a consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer spends months and considerable funds to prepare a high quality trade marketing program, including strong point of sales visuals and promotional support. Once all internal departments are aligned, it can't wait to share this program with one particularly important key account, which it is willing to give exclusivity to for the first 6 months. But the kick-off meeting derails into a disaster, with the unthankful retailer only demanding lower buying prices. Sounds familiar?