Asturias Consulting Ltd is a global strategy and marketing consultancy. We help our Consumer Products, Retail and Business Services clients to grow sales and profit through smarter serving consumer and retailer needs. We do this by jointly developing factual and implementable strategies and marketing plans.

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Compared to traditional marketing agencies, Asturias Consulting Ltd uses advanced analytics to formulate no-nonsense recommendations. Solid analysis serves as the foundation for distilling superior consumer and retailer insights. Actions to leverage these insights form the heart of the strategies and plans to deliver sales and profit growth.


Different from strategy consulting firms, Asturias Consulting Ltd grounds its recommendations in 15 years of industry and marketing experience. It is less about what is conceptually right, and all the more about what can be realistically executed at point of purchase and any other consumer touch point.


Paper progress is no progress. There is no impact when recommendations are not fully understood or agreed upon. Betters plans with complete buy-in are best achieved through a process of joint discovery. That's why all Asturias Consulting Ltd engagements are inclusive with intense client interaction from start to finish.